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Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Big Backer!

When I said I was coming back with a new channel and blog,Romanplutus was the first guy to say he'd be chuffed to be our debut video.He's glad he did as he's had a few new customers for his cam shows and he's going to be back with a second vid soon.A big thanks to him and to the other guys who you will see coming back in the coming days and weeks.Only one primadonna so far! The rest have been great and glad to see us back in business.
New back pic from one of our biggest backers 
Skype: romanplutus

Monday, 28 September 2015

Muscle God Jonny

Jonny is a hot muscle god from Germany and he's after more worshippers! From all reports this guy's cam shows and custom vids are awesome.This compilation vid features his most recent clips and if some of you guys out there sub him,add him on Skype and buy his shows,he has said he will be back with a flexclusive clip just for us.So enjoy guys and add this sexy stud to your list of must see cam guys.
This vid features clips from the past four weeks (also on YouTube)
Want more?  Add him on Skype
Skype: jonny.lepo
Also be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel
Make this vid a success and we get him back with an exclusive : )

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Jimmy's Getting Prepared

Jimmy is just weeks away from his next competition and determined to be in the best shape he can.He's put a lot of hard work in and you can check his impressive progress in this brand new exclusive on Youtube
Also check out his fitness page on Facebook
He's constantly updating his Instagram with great pics too
More to come as he nears his competition

Saturday, 26 September 2015

Low Key Basilisk

Even during my down time,i still got a lot of emails and skype messages from you guys regarding some of the flexers but especially,The Basilisk who was a particular favourite.So what's happening with the sexy blond stud?
The Basilisk has changed his focus back to his fitness channel and away from a lot of the sexier stuff he was doing.He was going to remove his website and his "naughtier" YouTube channel altogether but due to a bit of an outcry he has decided to keep some of the vids up. At the moment he has no plans to make more of these type of vids but you can still catch him occasionally on Skype for a cam show if you are lucky or buy the vids he still has available.
Check out his remaining vids here
Skype: the.basilisk2

Friday, 25 September 2015

What Is The Flex Factor?

Well,it's an old blog with a new look and new ethos.Old blog? Yup Strictly Come Flexing is reincarnated BUT this new incarnation will be a bit more low key.I'm doing it because I miss it but mainly because so many people have asked me to do another blog,including some of the flexers.

However,these days,i have even less free time than when Strictly ended in May.This means updates will be on a more adhoc basis and the whole feel of things will be a lot more relaxed.It's the only way I could come back.

So,new name,new look and hopefully some new guys but certainly some of your old favourites.I hope you enjoy it and I hope you will appreciate why things can't be at the same heady pace as before.To be honest,Strictly almost became a chore and I want to simply enjoy doing it this time,without pressure for mega views and subscriptions and without dealing with some of the primadonnas there are out there.If you want a chilled out blog,featuring friendly,chilled out but sexy guys,you are in the right place.
This chilled out guy just won Celebrity BB in the UK