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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Jimmy's Quads

Few weeks til he's in posing trunks
Get the full body shot on his Instagram page

Frazer's Up For A Meet

Frazer is ready to meet you guys in London again very soon and we're not talking just a cup of tea and a chat.It will be full on muscle worship sessions where you can watch as he flexes or get hands on.That is for you and this straight UK stud to talk about.Enjoy this teaser vid
Ok,so when's he in London? March 17th and 18th,that's when.Get in touch
Skype: frazermusclegod
Check him out on YouTube and The BestFlex too

Flexing Stud's Three In One

Flexing Stud sure gives you a lot in this new vid.Fan of gym gear? Fan of  tight underarmour? Fan of hot guys flexing in unbuttoned boxers? Well,you get it all in this new vid,though we've had to edit a little for YouTube.He strips from his gym gear down to underarmour then boxers and you get the feeling he wants to get those off too.Maybe he will if you get a cam show or custom vid? Enjoy this new exclusive
Add him on Skype for more than a peek
Skype: hf269009
See more of him on The BestFlex

Monday, 27 February 2017

Apollo Gets Cocky

This hot guy has long been a favourite on Flex Factor and it's easy to see why.He knows exactly what you guys love and that is obvious from his cam shows and custom or pre-made vids.In this new one you get to hear him talk and not just chit chat,proper cocky,muscle stud talk.Enjoy the teaser from the very cocky 14 minute vid.
To chat about the full vid,get a show or custom vid,add him on Skype
Skype: buhtailo
or via email
Great content,including some awesome FREE stuff,on his very own website
Check out his YouTube channel too
 Snapchat: apollomuscles

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Jimmy's Progress

Calves,hams and beautiful muscled glutes.Jimmy's making great progress.Keep up with that progress on his Instagram page

Friday, 24 February 2017

Bearded Muscle Stud Justin

Justin's taken on board what you guys like and a lot of you loved his hot,hairy look.Yeah he sure suits it and it in no way detracts from his awesome muscles.You can get this sexy stud all to yourself in a hot cam show or custom vid.He doesn't show them here but he has great legs and a bubble butt too,so don't miss out.
Add him on Skype now
Skype: live:justinsandersphysique

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Jimmy On The Road To Competition

Jimmy's back with a new vid at last guys and he's looking in great shape as he prepares for his next competition in 11 weeks time.Hopefully that will mean some vids in his posing trunks closer to the time.Meanwhile he's looking hot in some tight grey underwear in this brand new exclusive.
Upper body,check
Quads,hams and glutes,check
Be sure to follow his progress on Instagram

Alexander Muscle

It's been a long time since this blonde,UK stud graced the pages of Flex Factor and it's good to have him back as i'm sure his legions of fans will agree.The blog and channel has grown a lot since he was last on so hopefully he'll get some more loyal followers as a result.Anyone who has had a show or custom vid from him will know just how hot he is.Enjoy this exclusive vid
Add him on Skype and don't miss out
Skype: live:alexandersteelmuscle
More great vids on his YouTube channel

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Big Daddy Full Body Flex

Big Alpha Daddy,to give him is full and worthy title is back with another awesome flex for you.Posing in just his CK's he gets some great angles on his amazing muscles.Don't forget you can get to see every inch of this stud minus the CK's in a cam show or custom vid.Enjoy this exclusive
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Skype: live:bigalphadaddy
More great vids on his very own website

Get The Full Picture

Get the full picture and give him some positive comments here:

Friday, 10 February 2017

Riley's Sexy Blue Thong

Riley's back flexing in some silky blue shorts and then gets down to a skimpy blue thong which gives us a great view of his sexy glutes.Looks like he's been doing a fair few squats.As hot as ever,Riley never disappoints so enjoy this brand new exclusive
There is more to this vid than the YouTube version.Here's part 2
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Skype: rileyjackson777
Check out his BestFlex profile too

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Jake Gets Worshipped All Over

Jake's muscle worship vid is now available guys and it's hot.In fact I couldn't do a YouTube edit so the teaser vid is just on here.Let's just say Jake gets worshipped all over.Add him on Skype and ask him about this sizzling hot vid.Enjoy the teaser
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Skype: flexmasterjake
Check out his website
He's always updating on YouTube too

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Jimmy's On His Way

Jimmy's 12 weeks out from his next competition and looking amazing already.Follow his journey on Instagram and show him some love

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sergey Up Close

Sergey is back guys and you get to see his upper body real close.He's been training hard and it really shows.He was going to show his legs this time but is still recovering from a knee operation and wants to wait til they are in top condition.Enjoy this new exclusive
Add him on Skype for pumped up cam shows and custom vids
Skype: gymnast_sergey
Check him out on YouTube too