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Friday, 30 December 2016

If You Change Your Mind....Just Ask

Ok,so yesterday we got another vid removed by YouTube and a strike against the channel.Not for inapropriate content but for a copyright claim.A guy claimed I used his footage without permission and reported us.Not true,the guy in question sent me the video over a year ago very enthusiastically.I still have our email conversations to prove it and whilst I could appeal to YouTube and most certainly win I don't want attention drawn to the channel in case we then get slammed for inapropriate content again.
What has actually happened is the guy has had cold feet about flexing vids on YouTube and other social media and has removed all his accounts.His choice of course.All he needed to do was ask me to remove his content.That is something I have no issue with but to damage the YouTube channel for no reason is just not acceptable.Not a lot I can do though.
So,any of you flexers out there who may want content removing in future,please just ask.It is not a problem and could prevent the closure of a channel which many people love.Thanks

 If you change your mind,i'm the first in line to ask

Thursday, 29 December 2016

FlexBeach Beautiful Glutes

Been a while since we featured this guy but he's always been popular and been a lot more active recently.This new vid shows clips concentrating on his beautiful glutes.Enjoy and check out below how to get more.
Check out his YouTube channel
A lot more on his very own website too
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Monday, 26 December 2016

Dominant Hunk Is Ready For You

You want a real man to dominate you and force you to worship him? Well,look no further because this hot new stud certainly fits the bill.Flexstud269 is ready for you to succumb to his manly muscle in either a cam show or custom vid.He doesn't just cater for those who want dominating either.He can be whatever you want on cam but we kick off with him being a cocky fucking stud who demands your atention! Enjoy
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Skype: hf269009
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More great pics and info on his BestFlex profile

Big Muscle Sale

The Muscle Studio is off to a great start and already attracting some very hot flexers.As a festive thank you for your enthusiasm over the launch they currently have a 50% sale on all vids.Head on over and check it out

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Riley's Festive Flex

Riley gets all festive in this new vid.He wants you all to admire his Christmas jumper.Very nice Riley,now take it off!! Of course he does take it off and he's soondown to a sexy red thong.Imagine getting Riley in your Christmas stocking guys.Sure beats a satsuma! Enjoy
Add him on Skype for a Christmas flex
Skype: rileyjackson777

The Basilisk Big And Busting In Green

The Basilisk likes to moisturise after his shower as do a lot of blokes these days.Not all guys do it in tight green posing trunks though and a lot of guys don't rub the lotion onto every single inch of their body,repeating it and repeating until they can repeat no more.Over half of this new vid shows this stud moisturising his impressive inches repeatedly! Enjoy
Jolly Green Giant!
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Skype: the.basilisk2
Bend it like Basilisk

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Jimmy Update

Quite a few of you ask about how Jimmy is getting on after we reported he was struggling with anxiety and depression.Well,he's had a tough 2016 and he is still struggling to be honest.On the upside he's still hitting the gym and he's still looking great and i'm really hoping he'll do a new vid soon.
You can show him love and support by following him on Instagram and leaving some positive comments.Thanks guys

Monday, 19 December 2016

New Muscle Studs Site Launches In Style

A new muscle website showcaseing some hot muscle launces today.The first model is a real stunner and may already be known to a few of you.The very sexy David Lundy kicks off this great new venture.
Check out the website now
More on Instagram

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Jade Flexing Night And Day

Jade is back for a second time with a sexy seated flex,filmed both night and day.Well,when you look this good you are gonna want to be in front of that cam from morning til night! This new vid is a lot longer than his debut for us so enjoy lingering over this hot Aussie stud.
Get him out of his seat and out of his clothes on Skype
Skype: jadepossum
No,Jade does not have four legs guys.If you want the story of what's behind the  pic below you will need to ask about his naughty vids!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Young Czech Stud

Back in his figure hugging Playboy briefs,this Czech muscle stud not only has a great body but he's a very good looking guy too.You will find out how hot he is and how hot he can get if you get a cam show or custom vid.Enjoy this new exclusive
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Skype: syze55
More vids on his own YouTube channel

Friday, 9 December 2016

Riley Oils Up

Oil for bodybuilders has always been a great way to highlight muscle but with Riley how many of you wish it was you applying it? This guy could make opening a Christmas card look sexy! He knows how to strike just the right tone in his vids and you love him.Always good to have him back.Enjoy this exclusive
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Skype: rileyjackson777

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Jones Carter's Sexy Flex

This hot UK student sure knows how to give you guys what you want inbetween his studies.This is not straightforward flexing as you will see in the vid.This is only a very tame teaser of what he could do in a cam show or custom vid.Enjoy this brand new exclusive.
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Saturday, 3 December 2016

Sergey's Christmas Flex

Sexy Russian stud Sergey is back with an early Christmas flex for you all and I bet many of you would love to find him under your tree! He was going to show his legs this time but he recently had a knee operation which is heeling up nicely but he wants to wait til the next vid to show off his impressive quads.Enjoy this new exclusive
Treat yourself this festive season with a hot cam show or custom vid
Skype: gymnast_sergey
Check out more vids on his YouTube channel