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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Master Jake's CK Flex

Flex Master Jake was so pleased with the response to his first vid for us that he's back already.Looking hot in his tight blue CK's,you get some great camera angles in this new exclusive.You know what to do if you want more.Details down the page.
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Skype: flexmasterjake
He's got his own website too,selling some great vids
More vids on his own YouTube channel too

Georgi's Oil Flex

Georgi asked some time ago if he could be featured on the blog but then we kind of lost touch.Today in my email I got this exclusive vid from him,out of the blue which was a nice surprise.He's already a popular cammer and it's great to bring you this exclusive of him oiling up and flexing in a towel
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Skype: avensis189
Check out more great vids on his YouTube channel
Take a look at his BestFlex profile too

Red Hot Riley

The very hot Riley Jackson invites you to his bedroom for his latest vid.All that working out he's been doing lately can be tiring,so what better way to chill out than to flex for your fans in...and out of some sexy red underwear before heading to bed.Enjoy this new exclusive (edit also on YouTube)
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Skype: rileyjackson777
Ready for bed?
Come on then!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Adrian Makes His Hot Debut

Hot 19 year old flexer Adrian Black is new on the scene but is already making a big impression.He comes highly recommended and from chatting to him he seems another great find and another friendly guy so we are happy to feature his first exclusive
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Josh Shows Off His Sexy Quads

It's been a while since sexy Canadian hunk,Josh last made a vid for us but it's been worth the wait.This hot stud has some mighty fine quads on him and he shows them off for you in this great new exclusive.It gives you just a taste of what a cam show or custom vid would be like.If you like cocky,dominant guys,he won't disappoint
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Skype: young.muscle.stud
More hot vids on his YouTube channel too
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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Tumbling Down

Hmm,for some reason one of the vids (an edit from Geordie lad's latest) that we posted on Tumblr has been taken down for "graphic content" Don't really get this as the Tumblr page is in the adult category and also there are vids on there which show more than this particular one.
Anyway,not to worry,after a few blips,the vid is now uploaded on this blog,here.If the Tumblr page gets taken down for any reason and this could be a warning sign for that happening,it looks like we can revert to showing the slightly naughtier edits on here.Let's see what happens
Too hot for Tumblr!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Geordie Lad Oil And Towel Flex

Our sexy Geordie lad is back and this time he's teasing in just a towel.He's also oiling up in all the right places but to see that you're going to have to add him on Skype and get a hot cam show or custom vid.Enjoy this new exclusive
Oil gets everywhere!
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Skype: geordie2402

Bit more of a tease for you

Comings And Goings

Ok,i've had a few messages asking why certain guys have disappeared from the blog and YouTube channel.Well,the answer is very mixed and i'm not going to name,names here,so let me try and sum it up like this:
A couple of guys have decided to stop doing this kind of stuff anywhere,including their own channels and the reason for that is,family and friends have come across some of the stuff and it's caused major problems for them unfortunately.
Some guys have simply been nightmares to deal with and I have just had enough of working with them.I won't name them as I say but I will name the likes of Riley Jackson and Daniel Carter,who despite massive followings are an absolute pleasure to deal with.Why can't they all be like that?
Another big favourite just doesn't seem to want to appear anymore but with no explanation.He's still active but seems to have decided Flex Factor's no longer for him.
On the up side,there are no shortage of new guys and more are on the way.There are still plenty of your favourites too,who are more than happy to keep coming back to flex for you.

Alex's Jean Busting Flex

Alex's last vid was so popular that you guys wanted more of this sexy stud flexing in his jeans.Jeans that can barely contain his monster quads and that leave no room even for underwear! Don't worry,if you get a cam show or custom vid from him you will get to see those mega quads unveiled! Enjoy this new exclusive.
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Skype: kisi97
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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Riley's Workout And Big Lift

So many of you enjoyed Riley's last short workout clip,that he's back with another,showing much more of his routine and with a very impressive 500lb deadlift thrown in too.Don't worry,he's not done with the sexy flexing vids,there will be more of those but hey he can't spoil us too much.It's good to see how he gets his sexy ripped physique after all.Enjoy the vid
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Skype: rileyjackson777
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Hard work sure pays off

Flex Factor Jake

Flex Master Jake is already a YouTube favourite but it's our first time featuring this very sexy young flexer.He's got his own website,selling great vids and also comes highly recommended for his hot cam shows.Enjoy this first exclusive
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Skype: flexmasterjake
Something for all tastes on his site
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