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Monday, 28 August 2017

Alex Takes It Indoors

In Alex's last vid we saw him flexing in the summer sun.This time he takes his impressive muscles indoors and into his bedroom.With great lighting he flexes and poses just for us.He could be doing the same just for you in a hot cam show or custom vid.Feedback from his shows is awesome so don't miss out.Enjoy this new exclusive.
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Skype: al3sutzu
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Friday, 25 August 2017

Apollo Lift And Carry

Apollo loves to please his fans and that includes those who love to be lifted and carried so they can feel the strength of those muscles in full control.This lucky guy has been carried into the woods and is demanding to be taken back home.Will Apollo have the stamina for that? Of course he will
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Thursday, 24 August 2017

Riley's Shower Booty

Riley gets very hot and sweaty after a workout.You know the feeling? It's similar to the way you guys feel when you watch him n cam.So,what better way to cool off than to hit the shower...with your cam of course.Two vids here guys.Both on YouTube but one unlisted.Link provided don't worry.Enjoy.
and the short unlisted clip
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Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Seb's Sexy New Underwear

Seb's got some very sexy new underwear guys,as anyone who follows him on Instagram will know.He has these very tight pants in blue and in white and today we feature him in the blue.They show him off very nicely indeed and when you get up close you can see the back and sides are mesh.Hopefully we'll get him in the white ones next time but enjoy him in these figure hugging and revealing blue ones!
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Skype: sebik213
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Monday, 21 August 2017

Tomas Flexs His Way Onto Flex Factor

Sexy young stud Tomas makes his first exclusive for us in some nice tight posers.He's 184cm tall and weighs 81-82Kg and this just gives a short taster of what's on offer in his cam shows.Those who have already had the pleasure are singing his praises which is why he came to my attention.You can thank Flex Factor's eagle eyed subs.Enjoy his first exclusive.
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Sunday, 20 August 2017

Alexander Gets Nice and Oily

Flirt4Free he's on there a lot!
Blonde,blue eyed stud Alexander Steel knows this flexing business inside out and that means knowing exactly what you guys like and I mean all of you.He will cater to your very own taste in an amazing cam show,as well as  being available on Flirt4Free,Twitter and Instagram and having his very own site packed with hot content.So much choice! Enjoy
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Skype: live:alexandersteelmuscle
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Jack Gets Wet

Jack Laugher is wet a lot of the time of course,spending so much time in the pool but a guy needs a break too.Check out this close up holiday snap of a very wet Jack below as he holidays in Thailand.Don't you just love clingy,seethrough shorts!

Jake's New Seethrough Underwear

Starting in jeans and a shirt,Jake teases for 5 minutes before he gets down to his brand new and very sexy underwear.It really is extremely revealing and leaves nothing to the imagination.That's why we've had to edit into two parts for YouTube but don't worry,the unlisted link is down below so you don't miss a thing.
and here's the link for the unlisted part
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Skype: flexmasterjake
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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Seb Meshes It Up

Seb is getting sexier and he's back soon

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Josh Has A BIg Following (but wants it to get bigger!)

Josh Bridgman already has a very big following on Instagram but he is tantilisingly close to getting 10k and if you have not checked him out already you will definitely want to give this red hot UK stud a follow.

He already has an impressive following
Let's grow it
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Too Big For His Jeans

British Beefcake Brandon  has a big problem.His massive quads make it very hard for him to get jeans to fit.In fact they are so tight,he often does without them.Same goes for t shirts!
Undo them
Drop them
T shirt's too tight too
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 (currently not doing cam shows or vids so enjoy his pages instead)

Friday, 11 August 2017

Mahdy In His Posing Trunks

Mahdy showed off his upper body in his last exclusive but today he's down to his posing trunks to show off more.This guy knows how to flex and pose and you know what he's a really nice guy too,as you will find out when you chat to him on Skype.
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