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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Skyhighmuscle All Natural Flex

Flexing as nature intended,Skyhighmuscle shows off every muscle in this hot vid.Our edit is just a teaser for the 15 minute vid he has available.All you need to do to get it is add him on Skype and ask for details.Enjoy the vid (also on YouTube)
 Muscle Laid Bare
Want more? Add him on Skype for more vids and great cam shows
Skype: musclesurfer55
All natural
Check him out on Youtube too

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Jonny Shows It All

Jonny Lepo does amazing cam shows as many of you know but he also does custom vids and pre-made ones.One such pre-made one is for sale on Bestflex and in it he's flexing fully nude.Check out his BestFlex profile here
Add him on Skype to see what else is on offer
Skype: jonny.lepo

Jaden In The Spotlight

We gave the link to Jaden's new website the other day,well good news is,it's now live and absolutely packed with content.Let him explain in his own words.

I am very happy that I can finally introduce you to my website:
It is at 100% and everything is working now!
There is a free part which includes pictures and stories.
In the Members Area you will find exclusive pictures, videos and stories.
The Private Area is about "blasts from the past". I have started working out when I was 15 and recorded my way with pictures and videos which can be seen there!
The "Dungeon" is the most sexiest part on the website. It includes nude images and movies. Futhermore my first youtube video ever can be found there ;)
Also dont forget to check the shop for cool videos to download: To every video in the shop belongs a small trailer which can be seen for free.
Thanks for reading this and best wishes from Germany!
-Happy God Jaden :)
Add him on Skype
Skype: dreamcaster234

Beyond Alpha Male

It's great to have another hot guy return from the Strictly Come Flexing days.This alpha male stud makes a big impact with his Flex Factor debut and an alpha stud he truly is!
Our exclusive clip comes from a full length vid of over 12 minutes long and is just a teaser of what's on offer from this super hot muscle guy.Enjoy the clip (also on YouTube)
Want this full vid or one of the many others he has available,or why not a hot cam show? Add him on Skype
Skype: beyondgenetics
From jeans'n t shirt down to some tight,quad hugging underarmour,he doesn't dissapoint 
He's got some great vids for sale on BestFlex too so be sure to check out his profile here
Vein popping hotness!
Amazon wishlist

 Wanna see him wrestle,only for a guy to submit and worship?
Skype: beyondgenetics

Monday, 26 October 2015

Jaden Down To Diesels

Jaden's second,hot exclusive is just for us here at Flex Factor.He made the first just for us too but that came out as a really,punchy trailer and a  good advert for his own channel,especially highlighting his amazing camera angles,so we decided it should go on both.
This second vid however is just for us and is a great teaser for the full length version he has for sale.Stripping out of his clothes to show off his amazing body,he's soon down to his sexy Diesel underwear.Enjoy our edit (also on YouTube).
Get the full version of this hot vid (over 15 minutes long) and also find out about his awesome cam shows by chatting to him on Skype 
Skype: dreamcaster234
He's pumped and ready!
Check out more great vids on his YouTube channel
Fantastic pics on Instagram too
This guy knows how to angle his cam!
He'll be back

Friday, 23 October 2015

The Basilisk Back In Action!

Just a week ago I answered some of the many questions I've had about this guy during our 4 month time away by saying he was keeping things low key as far as cam shows and vids goes.Well,great news guys,he's back doing both.Well cam shows first and new vids to follow soon.What's more he's in really great shape right now.Bigger,harder and sexier than before and ready to show it all off!
Pumped and ready!
Want this stud all to yourself in a hot cam show? Add him on Skype
Skype: the.basilisk2
While we wait for a brand new vid,check out his website for the other sexy vids he already has on there

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Jaden's Dream Body

I told you not all the new guys were holding back,so let's introduce Jaden from Germany,or rather let him introduce himself.

My name is Jaden. I am 22 years old. I have been exercising with weights for about 7  years. For me, bodybuilding is not simply a sport or a habit to spend some time with– it is my life!
I can not imagine anymore how it would be to stop exercising and to completely devote myself to bodybuilding. Bodybuilding has become my personal way to self fulfillment and an essential part of my individuality.

How did you get into bodybuilding?
As a child I enjoyed watching Dragonball Z. I was fascinated by the characters, especially their physiques and personalities. They have become my role models. I am striving to look like them.
When I turned 16 it became legal for me to train in a gym. I joined one on the same day and have not stopped exercising since.
Now let's see the vid he's done just for us.This guy is getting a great reputation for his camera angles and this is just a taster. (also on YouTube)
Want amazing cam shows and custom vids? Add him on Skype
Skype: dreamcaster234
Those angles!
See more of his vids on YouTube and also check out his Instagram
Want even more? Of course you do.He's got his own website too!

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Jimmy Gives Us Five

Just five weeks away from his next competition,Jimmy dons his posers.He's going to be doing another vid soon and may be wearing these! Looking amazing Jimmy and still few weeks to go!
Keep up to date with him on Instagram and Facebook

It's Oh So Quiet

Had a few messages asking why there are not as many updates as in the old Strictly days.Ok,i did explain initially when I relaunched but briefly,due to my personal circumstances I simply cannot spend the time on it that I used to.This new laid back feel is how it's going to be guys.That doesn't mean it won't be as good though!
Views on the YouTube channel are not huge yet but it is slowly growing.However the blog posts get roughly three times as many views and the guys featured are seeing their Skype adds grow etc.
So basically upcoming vids will mainly be from guys who you have probably seen before with quite a few of the new guys holding back til we grow a bit more and that is totally understandable.Not that all new guys are holding back as you will see soon.
There you have it and I can understand the questions,as in the past I've announced quiet periods only to then have a flurry of activity! It's different this time guys.The pace won't get much quicker than this.I am however still very confident we will grow and feature some very hot guys.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Apollo Flex'n Tease

The full version of Apollo's latest exclusive is very,very hot! This guy has an amazing body and sure knows how to use it to tease.The clothes don't stay on too long and this guy sure knows how to use a blanket!
Check out the edited vid below....heavily edited!
 Want the full version? Want to see a lot more?
Add him on Skype and get blanket coverage!
Skype: buhtailo
Told you it gets hot!
Cam shows and custom vids available

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Will's Got The Sex Factor

Will has always been a stunner as well as a very hot webcam performer and he's now got his very own blog too.On it you will find loads of great pics and vids and links to all his social media.See the link above.
He may not be the biggest muscle guy in the world but he's lean,toned and very,very hot and is now venturing it to modelling too. Check out the vid he's done for us.(also on YouTube)
The vid was edited for YouTube but check out some stills from it below
For a steamy cam show,add him on Skype
Skype: willwrightmodel
How can you resist?

Thursday, 8 October 2015


Jimmy's going to be back with another progress vid very soon.In the meantime keep checking out his Instagram page for some awesome pics.He's getting bigger,better and hotter!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Jonny's Absclusive!

Jonny promised he'd back with an exclusive and true to his word we get a sexy ab flex for his first one.Just look at the time and work that has gone into these awesome abs!.Enjoy the vid on YouTube then contact him for the full version.
Add him on Skype,not just for this vid but many others,as well as for hot cam shows
Skype: jonny.lepo
Plenty of great clips on his YouTube channel too
You get plenty more than just abs from this guy!

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Mark's Red Hot Muscle

Mark Flexberg joins our new blog and YouTube channel,flexing in some skintight,red,see through tights and what's more this video is just a taster for a 14 minute vid where things do get red hot! Enjoy the vid on YouTube
Add him on Skype to find out about the full 14 minute version or to arrange your very own cam show
Skype: tasakos25
Check out his new website too for great vids and more!
Follow him on Twitter too: markflexberg