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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

It's Oh So Quiet

Had a few messages asking why there are not as many updates as in the old Strictly days.Ok,i did explain initially when I relaunched but briefly,due to my personal circumstances I simply cannot spend the time on it that I used to.This new laid back feel is how it's going to be guys.That doesn't mean it won't be as good though!
Views on the YouTube channel are not huge yet but it is slowly growing.However the blog posts get roughly three times as many views and the guys featured are seeing their Skype adds grow etc.
So basically upcoming vids will mainly be from guys who you have probably seen before with quite a few of the new guys holding back til we grow a bit more and that is totally understandable.Not that all new guys are holding back as you will see soon.
There you have it and I can understand the questions,as in the past I've announced quiet periods only to then have a flurry of activity! It's different this time guys.The pace won't get much quicker than this.I am however still very confident we will grow and feature some very hot guys.