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Monday, 29 February 2016

Spartan Body Beautiful

Another hot nineteen year old makes his Flex Factor debut.At 1.86 mtr tall his good looks and great body make an awesome combo.All 84kg is all natural too.He is waiting to show off for you in a hot cam show or custom vid.Enjoy this teaser
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Skype: qto_22 
Mor great videos on his own YouTube channel

Awesome Angel

New nineteen year old muscle stud Angel has an awesome,all natural body to show off and it's great to have our first exclusive from him.From his pecs to his calves you can see the work he puts in to look so good.Does he do cam shows? Oh yes,he does.Contact details down the page.Enjoy the vid
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Skype: ivfitbg
More great vids on his YouTube channel too

Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sexy Spartan Muscle

The very sexy Spartan Muscle makes his Flex Factor debut with just a glimpse of what's on offer in one of his shows.He looks amazing all over but check out his amazing quads in particular.Imagine the power in those monsters! Enjoy the vid
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Skype: al3sutzu
Check out these quads!
He's got his very own website too,so be sure to check it out
Let's have another look at those quads!
More great vids on his own Youtube channel,so check it out and subscribe
Make this a success guys and he'll be back with more!

Riley Makes A Big Compression

Who fancies some sexy Riley in ultra tight compression gear? Not just tight but pretty see through too! What lies beneath? Some tiny red posers that's what and Riley treats us to a glimpse of his workout routine while wearing just those.This is the hottest exclusive so far,so enjoy. The last 16 secs are slightly too hot for YouTube so check the edited out part on Tumblr)
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Skype: rileyjackson777
So tight,they have to come off! Don't forget to check the end of the vid out on Tumblr
Ready for a workout!
Getting ready for a shower?

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Drew's Shower Flex

Andrew,or Drew's debut was a big hit with you guys and quite a few of you have added him on Skype already.In his second exclusive he hits the shower for some even sexier flexing.The YouTube version is on here and the slightly hotter edit is on tumblr.Enjoy
He'll grab your attention even more this time!
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 Skype: live:getzingerb
Don't forget the hotter version of the vid on Tumblr
Check out his very positive reviews on BestFlex

Alex,Quads,Glutes'n Calves

Icelandic muscle god Alex is back and this time,due to demand,he shows off his legs and boy does he show them off,quads,calves and gorgeous glutes! Fans of pec bouncing will love this exclusive too.This is just a teaser for the full vid he has on offer.Enjoy and read how to get hold of that and more down the page.

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Skype: kisi97
Plenty more hot views like this in the full vid
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Thursday, 25 February 2016


This is another guy pointed out by some of you eagle eyed subs.Mark is 21,from the UK and is very hot! He's on the lookout for new followers on Instagram and Snapchat apparently.You may just be interested : )
He really loves showing off his abs!
and more!

Look Who's Getting Naughty Again!

For anyone who thought The Basilisk had maybe toned things down slightly,think again! He's back with a brand new and very hot vid very soon.
Skype: the.basilisk2

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Alpha North..and South,West and East.Just Alpha!

Super sexy muscle stud,Alpha North is back and looking as hot as ever.You guys seem to like him just a little bit! This new exclusive is another lockerroom flex.Just imagine being a member of his gym.Would you ever get a workout done? Enjoy the vid
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Skype: domgymmaster
More great vids on his own YouTube channel
You can also contact him on gmail
Hopefully he'll keep coming back.That's down to you guys!

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Raul's Return

It's been a while since sexy stud Raul's first exclusive and it's great to have him back with an even hotter one.To start,focussing on his amazing biceps and then he shows of his whole body in just a tiny thong.Enjoy the vid (longer,hotter version on Tumblr)
Check out his very own website
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Skype: wanted13_boy
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Great to have him back!

Jimmy Takes A Break

Relaxing in the Egyptian sunshine

Sexy Irish Stud

It won't be just Irish eyes that are smiling as this sexy stud from The Emerald Isle makes his Flex Factor debut.Amazing body and smouldering good looks make this guy a must see if you are looking for a hot cam show or custom vid.Enjoy his first exclusive.
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Skype: hornyirishstud23
Who could resist him?
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