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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Classic Oiled Up Quads

Been a while since we featured Classic Physique but it's obvious he's been working hard on those mega quads and that sexy bubble butt for that matter.Imagine him getting him to oil up all over on cam just for you in a custom vid or amazing cam show.Enjoy this quadtastic exclusive
Get them oiled up!
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Skype: live:classicphysique_2
Drop those pants!
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 Hot and competitive

Monday, 29 May 2017

Apollo Hits the Shower

Currently on his global travels,Apollo still manages to work out and of course that means a shower afterwards.This new exclusive is just a snippet and gives some hot teaser shots.He goes full frontal in the full vid and looks amazing.
You can ditch the shorts
Add him on Skype ,not only for cam shows and vids but maybe if you are in Europe you could arrange a muscle meet with him.Yes,he's on the European leg guys.
Skype: buhtailo
Bit more of that hot ass
He's got his very own website too with great content
Hot Muscle Butt

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Three Minute Muscle

A new,sexy Czech stud makes a great debut on Flex Factor.This hot,19 year old is toned,lean and definitely knows how to show off in his tight fitting underwear.His cam shows and custom vids are amazing apparently.Only one way to find out.Enjoy this exclusive edit.
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Skype: sebik213

Friday, 26 May 2017

Riley's Home Gym Flex

Riley has some pretty impressive gym equipment and what better way to show it off than flexing,showing you the results of the time spent on it.This new exclusive gives you the usual great camera angles,showing off his ripped body at it's best.Of course the best way to see him is in a hot cam show or custom vid,where you call the shots.Hopefully this vid will tempt you.
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Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Beautiful Alpha Ass

This new exclusive from Big Alpha Daddy is a two parter.The second part is just a little too hot for YouTube.It's still a lot tamer than what you would get in a very steamy cam show or custom vid though.This stud really knows how to get you guys all hot and bothered and will leave you wanting more.Enjoy both vids

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Skype: live:bigalphadaddy
He's got his own,sexy website too
Enjoy the second part of the vid
 Oh yes!

Jimmy Flexes Up A Place

We always love featuring Jimmy and especially when it's good news.We've already told you he came second in the NABBA West Novice category.Well,now we have a great,exclusive vid of his routine.Third one year as a junior,second the next as a novice.Only one more place Jimmy : ) Enjoy
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Back soon we hope

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Jiri Up Nice And Close

Jiri's back and posing up close in the bathroom.He really shows off his pecs,abs and biceps and looks amazingly pumped and vascular.He could get nice and pumped up for you if you got a cam show or custom vid from him.He can get his cam as close as you like to whichever muscles you like.Enjoy this new exclusive
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 Skype: molertm
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Monday, 15 May 2017

Second But Not Second Best

Two Flex Factor favourites on stage together at the same time.Jimmy and Brandon both entered the same competition and both look amazing.Brandon came second on this occasion and Jimmy recently came second in his last competition.Both are number one guys in our view.Follow Jimmy on Instagram and Brandon on Instagram and YouTube

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Niall's Shirt Rip'n Flex

Niall can't wait to get out of his gym gear.Why cover up such a hot body anyway? He rips off his t shirt to show you guys his muscles and who knows what else he'll rip off in a cam show or custom vid.Well,chances are he'll discard the lot! Every inch of him you will want to see in full! Enjoy this new exclusive.
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Skype: hornyirishstud23
Get the shirt off!

Monday, 8 May 2017

Spartan's Bedroom Flex

This is probably the best exclusive sexy Spartan has done for us.He looks amazing in his underwear as he flexes up nice and close in his bedroom.Who'd like to be there with him? Well,you could almost be if you got a hot cam show or custom vid from this stud.He just keeps getting better so don't miss out.Enjoy
Big bulging quads!
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Skype: al3sutzu
Beautiful butt!
More great vids on his YouTube channel

Saturday, 6 May 2017

Jimmy Comes Second

Hard work and dedication defimitely pays off and Jimmy has not just worked hard at the gym,he's worked hard to get himself ready mentally too.In his first NABBA contest he came third.This year he came second.Here's hoping it's not long before he's clutching the winner's trophy.
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