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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Czech Jan Out

Jan is already a BIG Youtube favourite so it's great to have him make his Flex Factor debut with this awesome vid.Over four minutes of pure muscle.Of course you can get him all to yourself for much longer than four minutes and in full quality HD if you buy a cam show or custom vid from him.Enjoy the vid (also on YouTube)
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Skype: janmotalcz
Also check him out on his own YouTube channel
 You won't be disappointed by the sexy Muscle God

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Aanor's Bedtime Flex

Look who's back looking hotter than ever! The very sexy Aanor was very popular with you guys first time round and this time he's back where you want him,flexing on his bed! Enjoy this second exclusive (also on YouTube)
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Skype: blu3_hoit
Make sure you check out his own YouTube channel too

Friday, 22 January 2016

The Basilisk's Gluteylicious Cam Shows

This brand new vid from The Basilisk gives yo a very good idea of what a cam show would be like from him.Of course his body is amazing all over but fans of glutes will love this one as he shows it off quite a bit for you guys.Enjoy this teaser (also on YouTube)

 The full version at over 10 minutes long is available on his website
Add him on Skype and find out what he's talking about in the vid
Skype: the.basilisk2

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Josh Shows Off In Shorts

Josh is back with his third exclusive for us and he looks pretty damn hot in his shorts.The great thing about shorts is he gets to show off his massive quads.Very impressive they are too as is the rest of him.Enjoy the vid (also on YouTube)
By all accounts his cam shows are amazing so why not add him on Skype
Skype: young.muscle.stud
Check out the monster quads
More great vids on his YouTube channel
Not just a great body,pretty good looking guy too : )

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Riley's Back

Yes,the very sexy Riley is back with his second exclusive for us.Teasing in a mesh vest so you get a preview of his abs,it's soon off and he's down to his underwear showing you just how hot he is.Enjoy the vid (also on YouTube)
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Skype: rileyjackson777
 Also see him on Camguys

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Mark Oils Up

Mark's back and this time those sexy muscles are getting oiled up for your viewing pleasure.Anyone like to help him with the hard to reach spots? Maybe ask him to oil up just for you in a show? In the meantime enjoy this teaser vid (edit on YouTube)
Yeah,get that oil everywhere!
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Skype: tasakos25
Plenty of hot vids for sale on his website too
Check him out on YouTube too 

Will Takes It Off And Gets It Out!

Will's got model good looks and looks hot in and out of his clothes.So in this vid we get to see him strip off to end up fully naked (and get even naughtier in the full length version) Enjoy the teaser below (very edited version also on YouTube)
Get the full length version where things get very hot indeed.Add him on Skype for details
Skype: willwrightmodel
More details of the full length version are on his very sexy blog

 See a lot  more of the FULL length in the full length version

Prime British Beef

I love my subs and followers! Someone pointed out this hot UK to me today.If you go to his Instagram page you will see he loves showing off his body but also likes having a laugh too.Enoy this selection of pics.
Loads more like this on his Instagram
He's not shy!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Want To Show Off Your Muscles?

Ok,this post is for all you bodybuilders out there.Want to attain the heights of the inspirational and legendary Arnie above and show the world? Well,there is a new muscle flexing website under construction where you can do just that.It's in the early stages of development but the guy who will be running it,who is a bodybuilder himself is keen to get some great guys on board. So whether you aspire to be the next Arnie or the next Zyzz this site is interested in you.

To find out mre get in contact via the following email

Sunday, 17 January 2016

Best Of British

I make no apology for the fact I love promoting British guys especially on this blog.Of course all nationalities are welcome but hey i'm British myself and there is nothing wrong with a bit of patriotism and thanks to some of you subs i've been pointedin the direction of a great Instagram page featuring hot British muscle studs.Guys like Ricky above and below for one.He's a former cage fighter turned fitness model and is very easy on the eye.
Check out loads more hot UK guys on thebestofbritishboys Instagram page

The Basilisk Wears It Well

We've seen the Basilisk showing off his sexy body on many an occasion and we certainly never tire of that but it's also nice to appreciate him clothed and this new pic taken just yesterday shows how hot he looks in a muscle hugging GYMVERSUS t shirt.Check out his model good looks and look how big his arms have gotten!
Skype: the.basilisk2
The legs are looking bigger too! 
Looking this good takes dedication and hard work
Check the vid out on Youtube

Friday, 15 January 2016

Going,Going Gone!

We're not talking about the guy of course we're talking about his clothing! Check out less and less of it down the page.This guy has amazing quads!

Shorts in the way? Time for them to come off
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Skype: sexydevil1212
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Brand new exclusive vid on the way very soon

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Jimmy's Back In Feb

Jimmy has confirmed he will definitely be back in action making more vids from next month,both for his own channel and for us.He is still posting great pics on his Instagram page though,so be sure to check him out in the meantime