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Saturday, 28 November 2015

Hairy Hunk Mark

Mark's back guys and with a very hot of a new look! Check out this newly hairy stud.Manly Mark really suits it as he oils up and flexes in his usual sexy way.Enjoy the vid (edited version on YouTube)
Get this hairy hunk all to yourself on Skype
Skype: tasakos25
Check out more of his vids on YouTube
You can contact him on Yahoo messenger too

Sexy Devil UK

Inbulge yourself with a great show from this guy
A brand new and very sexy UK guy hits the cam show scene this week and he's hot! He is very open minded and eager to please in his shows or in custom vids.You do get to see his face in his shows and vids guys.Add him on the skype id below this stand out pic!
Add him on Skype and this naughty devil will be very,very pleased
Skype: sexydevil1212

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Congrats To Jimmy

Big congrats to Jimmy on his 3rd placing at the NABBA USN bodybuilding finals last Sunday.He put a lot of work in to achieve this and had little time to make new vids etc in the run up.He has said that he'll get back on track with those soon.Looking forward to it Jimmy and well done!
More pics on Instagram

Young Muscle Beast

Eighteen year old Young Beast from Bulgaria loves to show off his toned,muscular body for you on cam,whether it be in a custom vid or an amazing cam show.Enjoy his first exclusive for us (also on YouTube)
Let him show off for you by adding him on Skype
Skype: bulgarianbeast_97
Also be sure to sub is YouTube channel

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ilyan's Back With More

Ilyan's first vid certainly got your interest guys and a lot of you wanted more.Specifically more of this great looking guy's face and also his sexy,toned legs.Well he was happy to oblige and it now gives you an even better idea of how good a cam show or custom vid would be.Treat yourself this pay day weekend! Enjoy this new exclusive (also on YouTube) There will be more to come.
Add this hot stud on Skype
Skype: djilyaz
Check out his YouTube channel too
Show your appreciation in other ways too.Check out his Amazon wishlist

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Muscle Stud Shows Off Lower Body

Beyongenetics made this clip a while ago for Strictly but we actually uploaded a slightly different full body flex back then.This one mainly concentrates on his awesome quads,hams and glutes! Enjoy the camera angles in this great vid (also on YouTube)
Get an amazing cam show from him
Skype: beyondgenetics
See him on YouTube plus custom vids also available
Also check out his impressive BestFlex profile

Monday, 23 November 2015

The Phantom Thumb Downer!

For a couple of weeks now we've had an instant dislike for each new vid we've uploaded on YouTube.It happens within minutes of the vids going up so I can only assume it's the same person.I always find this very sad because if someone has a beef with me for any reason,why take it out on the guys who put time and effort into the vids?
Of course people are free to dislike vids (though it is such a negative thing to hit that button in my view).Not every guy will be to everyone's taste but when someone is disliking just for the sake of it,it's just not very nice is it?

Will And Ben

Many of you will have seen the very sexy Will before.In fact he's so hot and sexy that he and his mates have been spotted and are being featured in an upcoming tv documentary programme about his successful cam show and video setup.More details of that when we get them.Enjoy the vid (slightly longer version on YouTube)
Check out his great new blog for details of some very hot vids and more.This blog features even more of Will's hot mates in solo,duo,threesomes and moresomes vids and to suit all tastes.It is definitely for over 18's!
He and his mates are all available for cam shows too,so add Will on Skype for details
Skype: willwrightmodel

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Sean Sure Suits A Towel

Sean Kaufman's Instagram page is always worth checking out.Doesn't he wear a towel well guys?
 Skype: seankaufman94

Eagle Eyed Muscle Fans

Some of you guys out there don't miss a trick! Not that there was one to miss! On 18th November the new teaser clip for The Basilisk's new vid went up,a clip edited by yours truly.As pointed out by a few of you,the same clip then appeared on The Basilisk's own channel 3 days later.So what happened to the exclusive thing you ask? Well some of you have at least.Well,it's very simple.On this occasion,the guy who administers The Basilisk's website decided to use the same clip because he thought it was good.We normally do two separate trailers for the same clip but on this occasion simply decided not to.So to clarify,it is a Flex Factor exclusive edit that has been used elsewhere.Next time it may or may not be the case that we do it this way.
Just to clarify on the whole exclusive thing.Where possible we feature clips especially made for this blog.On occasion though we will do a compilation "featured flexer" clip,using previously seen footage or sometimes a guy will like the edit we do that much that he will also feature it on his channel.As I say there is no rule as such but we will always endeavour to bring you something new and not seen elsewhere.Hope that satisfies the eagle eyed amongst you : )

Don't need eagle eyes to see he's wearing see through undies! He's doing a vid in these soon

Saturday, 21 November 2015

The Basilisk Website Update

The Basilisk's brand new vid at over 10 mins long is now available on his website in full,sexy HD
There's lots to be mirin!
Skype: the.basilisk2

Friday, 20 November 2015

Some Classy Flexing

Classy Master did some vids for us back in the Strictly days and he's back with his first for Flex Factor.It's kind of a general relaunch for this sexy stud as he also starts updating his own channel more.Enjoy the vid (also on YouTube)
Get him all to yourself in a hot cam show or custom vid
Skype: classymuscles08
Check out more great vids on his YouTube channel
and on his own website

Thursday, 19 November 2015

More Muscle Viking

Muscle stud Vlad is back with his second exclusive for us and this time the gym vest is off as he flexes and poses ready for action in a hot cam show or custom vid.Let him tell you in his own words.Enjoy the vid (also on YouTube)
Get an amazing cam show or custom vid from this huge stud
Look what's on offer! Muscle Viking from head to toe
Also check him out on YouTube
He's going to be selling vids on BestFlex very soon so look out for that

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Basilisk's Big Return

Look who's back guys! Looking bigger and better than ever,check out the muscle this sexy stud has added to his amazing body.Check out the pecs for starters! Enjoy the teaser for this long awaited comeback vid guys (Also on YouTube - The full version is over 10 minutes long) Available on his website
The sexy see through leggings are back too!
Full and hot version now available.Add him on Skype
Skype: the.basilisk2
Hot and sexy as ever!
See more hot vids on his YouTube channel
Great to have him back isn't it guys?

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Brutal Muscle Machine!

This muscle stud from Bulgaria sure knows how to please his audience in his hot cam shows and custom vids.He's done a great teaser vid for us,so enjoy this first exclusive from a sexy,lean,toned guy! (also on YouTube)
Add him on Skype.Not just a hot body,This guy is good looking too!
Skype: ivan.georgiev3367
Check out his YouTube channel for more vids