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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Eagle Eyed Muscle Fans

Some of you guys out there don't miss a trick! Not that there was one to miss! On 18th November the new teaser clip for The Basilisk's new vid went up,a clip edited by yours truly.As pointed out by a few of you,the same clip then appeared on The Basilisk's own channel 3 days later.So what happened to the exclusive thing you ask? Well some of you have at least.Well,it's very simple.On this occasion,the guy who administers The Basilisk's website decided to use the same clip because he thought it was good.We normally do two separate trailers for the same clip but on this occasion simply decided not to.So to clarify,it is a Flex Factor exclusive edit that has been used elsewhere.Next time it may or may not be the case that we do it this way.
Just to clarify on the whole exclusive thing.Where possible we feature clips especially made for this blog.On occasion though we will do a compilation "featured flexer" clip,using previously seen footage or sometimes a guy will like the edit we do that much that he will also feature it on his channel.As I say there is no rule as such but we will always endeavour to bring you something new and not seen elsewhere.Hope that satisfies the eagle eyed amongst you : )

Don't need eagle eyes to see he's wearing see through undies! He's doing a vid in these soon