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Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Flexing Flurry!

No,i'm not going back on my word about this blog being more laid back than Strictly was with less activity but it just so happens that we've had a flurry of activity this week from flexers who want to be on the blog and that is despite the YouTube channel still being small with just over 100 subscribers.
So why is this happening? Well I think it's a mixture of goodwill plus the reputation Strictly Come Flexing had.To be honest I have been taken aback by how highly regarded it was and that is not just down to me.It's the great flexers we featured and the support from you guys.That support has carried through to this new blog and is why the blog posts are getting great views.Those views are getting new cam show customers and subscribers for the flexers and that is why they want to be on.It's almost happening without me! lol
Seriously,a big thank you guys for a great start.Not every week will be like this one so don't get used to it! My time restrictions remain.There won't be anything else new til next Sunday or Monday but there are some more great new guys in the pipeline plus old favourites returning.Ok,laid back mode now kicking in til after the weekend : )
One of the hot new guys,Daniel Carter