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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Irish Eyes - Come To Bed Muscles

In his third exclusive for you guys,this hot Irish stud can't be bothered to move from his bed.How lazy! Actually you know what I have a feeling you may just let him off when you see him flexing on that bed in nothing but a towel.The response to his last vid blew him away but it's very easy to see why that happened.This guy is hot and bed is a place i'm sure many of you would like him! Enjoy this brand new vid
He'll get rid of the towel in a cam show or custom vid,if that's what you want?
Skype: hornyirishstud23
Be sure to check out his BestFlex profile too where he's just as popular

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Jimmy,Back As Promised

Jimmy never let's you guys down and always delivers.Ok,he has a few blips and is very self critical at times but he's back as promised and I really love featuring this guy.Always a pleasure to deal withYes,i know it's a shame he doesn't do shows but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy this new exclusive!
Check him out on his Instagram page
He will be back with more

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Adrian Oils Up In Blue Briefs

Adrian loves the feel of oil on his body and we love the look of it! This good looking and very sexy stud is really getting into his stride with his shows and vids and is getting great feedback.Enjoy this hot new exclusive
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More great vids on his own YouTube channel too
Smouldering good looks too

Monday, 27 June 2016

Ben,Sexy In Red

Sexy straight lad Ben is back flexing in his red Tommy undies and getting a liitle bit cheeky too! I know a lot of you already love this guy but you haven't had a show from him yet or bought one his very hot vids you are missing out.Enjoy this new exclusive
Grab a piece of Ben on Skype
Skype: ben.hillboy
Who wants them all the way down?

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Mark Flexes In Just Jeans

Mark's back and this time with a little bit of a different look.He flexes in a pair of tight jeans.He's soon undoing them and gets down to his underwear....oh no wait,he doesn't have any underwear on! He's as sexy as ever and shows off that sexy butt and a little bit more,Enjoy this hot new vid (edit on YouTube)
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Skype: tasakos25
He's got two websites to check out with more great vids
Oh yes Mark!
Be sure to sub his YouTube channel too

Saturday, 25 June 2016

British Stud Ashley

We have featured this hot stud before but it's been a long time and he's definitely worth another look.He's not a cammer unfortunately,despite being asked many times but he does have a YouTube channel and Instagram page which he updates regularly.Enjoy this non exclusive promo vid.
Check out his regularly updated YouTube channel
Loads of great pics on Instagram too

JD Makes His Debut

JD already has quite a following on YouTube and has been asked time and time again if he would do cam shows.Well,the great news for you lot is that he has indeed decided to do them and I somehow think that is going to prove a very popular decision.Enjoy him looking shredded and sexy in his first exclusive
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Skype: warriorboy480
 Check out his YouTube channel for regular updates too
More great pics on his Instagram page

Friday, 24 June 2016

The Basilisk Is Back In Black

It's been a while but The Basilisk is back and looking bigger and sexier than ever in tight black vest and figure hugging,almost sheer,black underwear.As usual he shows off his best assetts for you.His mega quads,pumped up pecs,bulging biceps and beautiful muscle butt! Enjoy this new exclusive (blog only vid)

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Skype: the.basilisk2
Much more to see in full vid
Pumped and ready

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Riley's Skinny Dip'n Shower

What would you do if it was a hot sunny day and you had your house and your pool to yourself? Well,if you had a super hot body like Riley,maybe you'd strip off,go for a swim and make a sexy new vid.Enjoy this new exclusive and find out further down how to get the full version.
Come on in!
Add him on Skype to get this full vid but also a whole lot more,like a sexy cam show or a vid made just for you
Skype: rileyjackson777
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Better head to the shower
Now where is the soap?
Got it!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Jimmy Has Not Turned His Back On You

Ok,so we quite often tell you that Jimmy,who is extremely popular is coming back with a new vid and that is definitely his intention.However he wanted you guys to know that he does suffer from depression and anxiety and this creeps up on him out of the blue as anyone who suffers will know is the case.He wanted me to tell you this so anyone out there who feels alone or isolated is aware they are certainly not alone.There is always someone you can turn to.If not family or friends,there is professional help out there.So,Jimmy will be back for sure.At least you now know why our announcements of new vids don't always happen.
Turning his back is not a bad thing anyway!