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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Big Alpha Daddy - Website Launch

One of your favourite flexers now has his very own website where you can already buy some very hot vids.There will new content added all the time so keep checking back.He's still doing his very sexy Skype shows of course as well as custom vids if you prefer.Enjoy this new exclusive.
That site address again
Add him on Skype and get him all to yourself
Skype: live:bigalphadaddy

Monday, 28 November 2016

Riley's Pre Shower Flex

Fresh from the gym and home to shower,Riley doesn't always like to shower at the gym because it is way too distracting for the guys in the locker room.Even straight guys check him out.Well who wouldn't? So,sometimes he likes to get away from all that attention but hold on,are'nt hundreds gonna see this vid? When you are such a muscle stud you can't get away from it.Enjoy this new exclusive which ends just before his shower.You are gonna have to add him on Skype for more!
Get more of this sexy stud to yourself on Skype
Skype: rileyjackson777
 Fancy the second half of the vid?
Ready to shower

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Get Your Hands On Some Basilisk

How many of you envy this guy getting his hands on The Basilisk? A lot of you I guess.Well,you may not be able to get up this close and personal but you can get this hot British stud all to yourself and virtually worship him.Enjoy this little teaser vid.
So,how can you get him to yourself? Well for a start you can check out his website where he has some very hot custom made vids to suit all tastes.Whether it's flexing in underwear,posers,skimpy jockstraps or fully nude you will definitely find something to tempt you.
You will all need a cold shower after watching these vids and that's before you've even thought about a cam show or a vid made just for you.A hot steamy shower is always good to watch too.
Add him on Skype and find out what a truly hot flexer is all about
Skype: the.basilisk2
The Best Of British

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Brandon's Grey Days Are Hot

It may be grey and murky outside right now but that doesn't mean grey can't be hot.How about a sexy British stud in some tight grey underwear all day,showing off his very impressive body?
Unfortunately Brandon is one of those guys who doesn't do shows and vids.He doesn't judge those who do,it's just not his bag.He's happy with the admiration though and there is a lot to admire.Enjoy one of our Featured Flexer clips
Check out some really professional,well edited vids on his YouTube channel
Lots of great pics on his Instagram page
Need a shower after a long grey day


Cian Is Believing

This Irish stud is a fitness model and personal trainer.Unfortunately he doesn't do shows or vids right now but he does love being featured on various muscle stud Instagram pages,including his own.
Check out his Instagram page.He's recently got rid of a lot of old photos but is quickly uploading again.He really is a stunner!
Another great Instagram page on which he appears often is here

Classic Quads

This hot Czech guy made a great first impression with his first vid for us,flexing his upper body.This time he shows off his very impressive legs and glutes and boy does he have a very nice butt! Those squats must be working well.Not to detract from his quads which are also awesome.Enjoy his second exclusive from a guy with not just a great body but stunning good looks too.
Hot cam shows and custom vids on Skype
Skype: live:classicphysique_2
Check out his profile on BestFlex too

Monday, 21 November 2016

Muscle Vest Ceejay

Ceejay is back guys and this time you get to hear him speak as well as flex.In a jockstrap and muscle vest,he invites you over to Skype to find out what's on offer? What's on offer is an awful lot of muscle,full on hard,naked muscle if that's what you want.Enjoy the teaser
Add him on Skype now
Skype: blackceejay91

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Jiri's Impressive Leg Show

Bulging muscles everywhere! Jiri is back and this new exclusive mainly concentrates on his very sexy legs.Those of you asking where the other leg vid went to,this is the one we should have got.The other was meant for another channel.This one is well worth the wait though.Enjoy it
Add him on Skype for a better and longer look
Skype: molertm
More vids on his YouTube channel
You can meet Jiri too for a muscle show all of your own.Ask him for details when you add him on Skype
Worship him
Check him out on Facebook too

Youtube Update

Ok guys just a little update.We are still alive and kicking on YouTube despite someone reporting our content and I am pleased to say Jonathan who's vid was removed the other day has had a massive surge in views for it on this blog.Two other guy's vids are still being investigated but you know what if YouTube remove those you will always be able to see them on here.Maybe the channel will survive.Who knows.It's in Youtube's hands.As I said previously,whatever happens this blog is going nowhere.
Neither is this guy.He will be back with another sexy vid soon

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Mark In And Out Of His Compression Shorts

Mark shows off in some tight compression shorts for his new exclusive.We get a sneaky peek of him taking them off too but if you want more of this hot guy nude you will need to buy the full version or get a hot cam show or custom vid from him.Enjoy this new clip.
Add him on Skype now
Skype: tasakos25
More great vids on his very own website
Check out his YouTube channel too

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Be Prepared For Youtube Turning Their Back

Someone out there has taken a dislike to our YouTube vids for some reason and decided to report the channel for featuring inappropriate content.One vid has gone already and two more are being investigated.Now this happened a couple of years back to the Strictly Come Flexing channel and YouTube eventually closed it down.
Unfortunately once someone has it in for you like this,there is very little you can do.When it happened last time I had an idea who it was but on this occasion I have no clue.It is very frustrating indeed but one thing I am not going to do is stress out about it like I did on the previous occasion.
Be prepared for the YouTube channel closing down guys.I will be surprised if that does not happen pretty soon.I hope I am wrong BUT if it does,also be prepared for this blog to go from strength to strength.That is exactly what happened when the previous channel closed and this is where the big views are anyway.The Flex Factor is going nowhere!

For now and until I hear otherwise,the YouTube channel goes on.There is no doubt it is a great commercial for this blog and it will be missed if it goes but rest assured it won't affect the content and quality of guys on this blog.
 The sexy Jonathan vid which YouTube removed is still on this blog here