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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Be Prepared For Youtube Turning Their Back

Someone out there has taken a dislike to our YouTube vids for some reason and decided to report the channel for featuring inappropriate content.One vid has gone already and two more are being investigated.Now this happened a couple of years back to the Strictly Come Flexing channel and YouTube eventually closed it down.
Unfortunately once someone has it in for you like this,there is very little you can do.When it happened last time I had an idea who it was but on this occasion I have no clue.It is very frustrating indeed but one thing I am not going to do is stress out about it like I did on the previous occasion.
Be prepared for the YouTube channel closing down guys.I will be surprised if that does not happen pretty soon.I hope I am wrong BUT if it does,also be prepared for this blog to go from strength to strength.That is exactly what happened when the previous channel closed and this is where the big views are anyway.The Flex Factor is going nowhere!

For now and until I hear otherwise,the YouTube channel goes on.There is no doubt it is a great commercial for this blog and it will be missed if it goes but rest assured it won't affect the content and quality of guys on this blog.
 The sexy Jonathan vid which YouTube removed is still on this blog here