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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Get Your Hands On Some Basilisk

How many of you envy this guy getting his hands on The Basilisk? A lot of you I guess.Well,you may not be able to get up this close and personal but you can get this hot British stud all to yourself and virtually worship him.Enjoy this little teaser vid.
So,how can you get him to yourself? Well for a start you can check out his website where he has some very hot custom made vids to suit all tastes.Whether it's flexing in underwear,posers,skimpy jockstraps or fully nude you will definitely find something to tempt you.
You will all need a cold shower after watching these vids and that's before you've even thought about a cam show or a vid made just for you.A hot steamy shower is always good to watch too.
Add him on Skype and find out what a truly hot flexer is all about
Skype: the.basilisk2
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