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Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Red Hot Spartan

Alex is back with a hot new exclusive.His bulging muscles are all on show and he looks mighty impressive in his tight red underwear too! Imagine a hot cam show or custom vid from this sexy stud : ) Enjoy this new exclusive
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"You checking out my ass?" Damn right!
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Ilyan's Flexclusive Return

A lot of you guys have been asking where Ilyan's vids went and also asking if we can get him back.The simple answer is he wasn't overly happy with his previous vids (these guys know how they want to look and are very self critical) but yes,you certainly can have him back and he's done an awesome new vid that's almost 5 mins long.Not just packed with muscle,he also talks about his condition and goals.Enjoy!
This guy has the most amazing v taper and is happy to show it off
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He's looking sexy and tanned right now too!
and pumped for action!
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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Nick Goes Nude

It's been just over a week since Nick did his first exclusive and he is so pleased with the response he's back with a second and much hotter one.This time it's a full on naked flex! Now of course we can't put the naughty bits on YouTube but you can get a teaser on our Tumblr page.Enjoy our YouTube friendly edit then head to Tumblr to see much more!
Now check out the hotter version on Tumblr
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Monday, 28 March 2016

Jimmy's Home And Away Flex

No,Jimmy has not been posing on the set of the Aussie soap but he has done two great new exclusive clips,one at home and one at the gym.Looking big,beefy and sexy he goes through a great posing routine,twice.Enjoy this double whammy from this hot UK guy
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Check out that calf tense...and that lovely butt too of course ; )

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Riley's Home Workout

Riley,of course has to work out to look so hot and in this vid he does just that at home,even using his bike as weights! As it's Riley,the workout is also very sexy with some great posing thrown into the mix.Enjoy this exclusive clip.

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and stretch
Anything that comes to hand is good for his workout
and still time to be hot!

Not So Little Lewis

Lewis is a very hot 19 year old fitness model from the UK and whilst he hasn't done an exclusive for us yet,he is happy to be featured in a compilation clip we've put together.It's great to promote another home grown guy.Not that we are biased ; ) Enjoy the vid
Lovely little bum 
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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Anyone Want To Dive In

With all the publicity the sexy Tom Daley gets,sometimes some of the other hot divers get slightly overlooked,though these two studs are getting more and more attention all the time.Both have done sexy magazine shoots but there is nothing quite like seeing them in their competition gear!
Jack just has the edge over Chris for me but it's hard to choose between them

Thursday, 24 March 2016

Ben's CK Double Whammy

Been a while since sexy UK lad Ben did an exclusive so this time he's done two great clips,stripping down to his CK's.You can get him down to his CK's and maybe less in a hot cam show or custom vid.All you have to do is add him on Skype.He's a cheeky lad with great sense of humour and a looker too guys! Enjoy two exclusives in one
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Anyone for CK's?
Nice to have him back

Monday, 21 March 2016

The Growing Muscle God

The title describes him so well.Nick's working hard to grow and get bigger,sexier and more dominant.He shows that dominat side in this hot,exclusive vid but that's just a hint.Ask him about the full vid when you add him on Skype (details below).Enjoy his first exclusive.

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