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Friday, 12 February 2016

The Basilisk's Massive Meshy Quads

When The Basilisk wore his black mesh briefs in a video with Big Connor they caused quite a stir or should we say,quite a few stirrings! Anyway,you basically loved them and quite a few of you asked if he'd do a solo vid in them,so he has and it has been well worth the wait! You don't see them straight away though.First he has to ease the tension in his massive quads by ripping off some tight mesh shorts! Enjoy the teaser vid and see below how to get the full version.
These quads can't be contained!
Get the full length version from his website now
For amazing cam shows and custom vids,add him on Skype
You can still get the vid where these pants made their debut
Mirin the view up close
You watch his back we'll watch yours
He's the man if muscles and sexy teasing is your thing