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Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Share And Share Alike...Only With Permission!

It's been brought to my attention that some unscrupulous guys out there are sharing private/custom vids but not only that,screencaps from them are appearing all over the net.We are not talking about the tease shots we use here.We are talking about parts of the vids that are meant for the customers eyes only.Do you think that's fair when you have arranged a video with a guy,you've paid for it and some of the content is very private that you then go and post pics from it on various sites or if it's not you,someone you have shared it with?
Sharing is great for YouTube vids,on Facebook,Instagram long as the guy featured has given his permission as is the case with the pics I use on this blog.However,sneakily posting stuff without the guy's consent is not on.The result could be that friends and family of the guy come across stuff,they'd rather they didn't see.That guy could then stop doing shows and vids altogether.This has happened with a few guys already.Who wins when this happens? Noone,we all lose so please don't do it.Don't let's lose some of  our hottest flexers.