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Monday, 1 February 2016

Special Place

Some of the guys we feature do not want their vids shown on YouTube,preferring to have them seen on this blog only.Some other vids are a little too hot for YouTube.Unfortunately due to a very annoying glitch on Blogger those particular vids are not showing up on the blog anymore.Well,i say not showing up.They actually show up for a day or so then disappear for a few days which is very annoying.In fact it has been driving me nuts!
Anyway,we have a solution.Any non YouTube vids or those that are a little too hot for YouTube will now be viewed on our new Tumblr page.So,to clarify,any vids you can also see on YouTube will remain on the blog but if a post contains a vid that blogger cannot show for some inexplicable reason,the post will contain a link so you can watch that vid on Tumblr.
Here's a link to a similar post to this on the Tumblr page.