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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Comings And Goings

Ok,i've had a few messages asking why certain guys have disappeared from the blog and YouTube channel.Well,the answer is very mixed and i'm not going to name,names here,so let me try and sum it up like this:
A couple of guys have decided to stop doing this kind of stuff anywhere,including their own channels and the reason for that is,family and friends have come across some of the stuff and it's caused major problems for them unfortunately.
Some guys have simply been nightmares to deal with and I have just had enough of working with them.I won't name them as I say but I will name the likes of Riley Jackson and Daniel Carter,who despite massive followings are an absolute pleasure to deal with.Why can't they all be like that?
Another big favourite just doesn't seem to want to appear anymore but with no explanation.He's still active but seems to have decided Flex Factor's no longer for him.
On the up side,there are no shortage of new guys and more are on the way.There are still plenty of your favourites too,who are more than happy to keep coming back to flex for you.