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Friday, 30 December 2016

If You Change Your Mind....Just Ask

Ok,so yesterday we got another vid removed by YouTube and a strike against the channel.Not for inapropriate content but for a copyright claim.A guy claimed I used his footage without permission and reported us.Not true,the guy in question sent me the video over a year ago very enthusiastically.I still have our email conversations to prove it and whilst I could appeal to YouTube and most certainly win I don't want attention drawn to the channel in case we then get slammed for inapropriate content again.
What has actually happened is the guy has had cold feet about flexing vids on YouTube and other social media and has removed all his accounts.His choice of course.All he needed to do was ask me to remove his content.That is something I have no issue with but to damage the YouTube channel for no reason is just not acceptable.Not a lot I can do though.
So,any of you flexers out there who may want content removing in future,please just ask.It is not a problem and could prevent the closure of a channel which many people love.Thanks

 If you change your mind,i'm the first in line to ask