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Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Basilisk From All Angles...Naked!

The Basilisk is not only getting better at filming his vids but he's also got one his muscle fans in on the act too.In his latest two vids,he first films himself totally naked in his gym showers (including full frontal) from the angles you guys love.Anyone could walk in at any time! It's filmed almost as if you are kneeling down on the floor right in front of him or hiding at the end of his bed as he lies face down with his beautiful glutes right in your face!

Ooops he's spotted you!
In the second vid he soon has his towel off as he poses naked in a hotel room for a lucky muscle fan to film him (much of it in front of the window with curtains open) This fan knows the angles you guys want to see him from too! Wonder if the guests in the hotel opposite are enjoying the view?
Two amazing vids in full HD with your favourite stud flexing naked just as you want him!
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