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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Wake Up To Muscle

If you haven't woken up to Flexing Stud yet,now is a really great time because not only can you get to see every inch of this stud in a cam show or custom vid,you'd also be really helping him out right now.Just a day ago he was involved in a serious car crash.Luckily apart from being a bit achey,he came out unscathed as did the other cars occupants.However,his car is a right off and he needs cash to replace it as soon as.Hey,you don't need a car accident to decide to get a show from him but if you've been swaying before,now would be a good time.One fan told me they were blown away by a fully naked shower vid he made for them.Hot! Come up with your own ideas and ask him.Check out his new exclusive on YouTube and enjoy the edited out snippet below.Loose shorts,no underwear anyone?
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