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Thursday, 7 April 2016

What A Difference A View Makes!

Been a while since I've had a little rant but here goes,regarding some egotistical arseholes! Guys who I have approached in the past but responded with "why would I want to appear on your shitty little blog?"
How things change.The YouTube channel,though still relatively small is suddenly growing at quite a pace and the blog is getting very high views indeed.So,some of these guys who wouldn't have been seen dead on here are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and messaging me to ask if they can be featured.
Here's your answer guys
You are not wanted or needed and there are plenty of great guys featured here who had the time and patience to stick with us while we grew and hadn't forgotten they all started somewhere.
Ok,rant over.Back to what we do best,promoting guys who want to be promoted and appreciate the effort which goes into this blog.