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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Why Waste Time?

This does not apply to the majority of you guys out there so please understand that this is directed at a few who can potentially spoil it for the many.I am saying this on behalf of quite a few of the flexers who have brought it to my attention.
Ok,so when I give Skype names on here,most of you realise that is so you can add the guys to buy a cam show or vid.However,some out there just see it as a chance for a jerk off session without buying anything."What are you wearing?" "Are you hard right now?" "Can I hear your voice?" "Make me cum"
There are gay phone lines you can ring for that kind of stuff guys.The majority of the guys we feature are straight and while they are cool doing shows or making vids,there are lines they understandably won't cross.It's all about respect.
So do that.Respect these guys.If you have no intention of buying a vid or getting a show from them,don't add them.It's as simple as that.What you are doing is putting them off and spoiling it for everyone else.A lot of these guys are already way out of their comfort zones so don't try to push them even further.Be happy that a hot straight guy is willing to show off for you!
As I say,most of you do respect them and behave accordingly.I had to write this though as quite a few flexers wanted me to say something.